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Путешествие в Узбекистан - Eastern travel to Uzbekistan

Каждый, кто хочет посетить место, где древняя история сохранилась в величественных памятниках архитекторы, где есть национальный дух, вкуснейшая еда, прекрасная природа и дружелюбие местных жителей, должен увидеть Узбекистан своими глазами. Вы не пожалеете о поездке!

Путешествие в Узбекистан - Eastern travel to Uzbekistan


Гражданам России въезд на территорию Узбекистана возможен без визы на срок до 60 дней.

Как добраться

Есть прямые рейсы из Москвы — Самарканд, Бухара, Ташкент, Ургенч, Фергана и еще несколько городов. Полет — 3.5 часа.
Рейсы «Аэрофлота» (лучший вариант, прямые рейсы в Ташкент, Самарканд, Бухару) и S7 (зависит от сезона и года), самый неудачные (и самолеты старые, и аэропорт далекий) — у «Уральских авиалиний».


До 5000 долларов можно ввозить без декларирования, вывоз небольшого количества местной валюты вопросов не вызывает.


В большинстве аэропортов есть отдельная очередь для иностранных пассажиров, которая идет быстрее, чем та, что для местных. На вылете могут спросить регистрационные листочки из отелей.

Транспорт и такси

Сервисов по онлайн-заказу такси нет нигде, кроме Ташкента (обещали скоро запустить Самарканд), его надо искать на улице или звонить по телефону — местные подскажут.

Eastern travel to Uzbekistan

Everyone who wants to go to the place where the ancient history is preserved in magnificent monuments, where there is a national flavor, tasty food, beautiful nature, and where you will be met as relatives, make your way to Uzbekistan. You will not regret!

Group tours to Uzbekistan with first-class tour guides are transformed from standard group excursions into an entertaining communication that is built on the basis of mutual interests.

In historical cities of Uzbekistan, literally on every corner one dives into the medieval atmosphere: ancient bazaars, luxurious palaces, richly decorated mosques, madrassas and antique buildings. Additional impressions are got from traveling to the western regions of the republic, where countless fortresses and fortifications in the Kyzylkum desert impress with their power with shades of yellow clay.

It should be noted with a special attention that the Uzbek land for centuries has remained a place of intersection of religions and cultures, which contributed to the unprecedented prosperity of science and art. This is evidenced by the invaluable contribution of the great ancestors of the Uzbek people, scientists, thinkers, philosophers and poets in the development of human civilization. Thus, a well-known scientist Abu Ali ibn Sina (Avicenna), born in Bukhara, created the "canons of medicine", which are still an important milestone in the art of healing. Al-Khorezmi, who lived in the eighth century, entered in mathematics the number "zero". The Latinized name of the thinker received a reminiscence in the notion of "algorithm".

Today, Uzbekistan is a multi-ethnic, multi-confessional and multicultural society with a high degree of tolerance. According to the Constitution of the country, religious organizations are separated from the state and are equal before the law. The state does not interfere in the activities of religious associations. The predominant religion in Uzbekistan is Islam. The Uzbeks profess Sunni Islam.

As if inviting a foreign tourist to make a trip to our country, Uzbekistan demonstrates the attractiveness of Uzbekistan hotel infrastructure and services in the hospitality industry. These are comfortable modern hotels and private boarding houses with a typical national atmosphere, excellent cuisine and obligatory tea parties.

Among tourist attractions are music and dance festivals, exciting folklore, wonderful opera and ballet performances. A fantastic selection of fruits, vegetables and dried fruits makes every visit to the eastern bazaar an unforgettable delight.

If you are interested in the monuments of ancient Khorezm, Sogdiana and the Timurid Empire; if you yearn to see thousand-year-old plane trees, crystal ponds and mountain slopes with plush grass and sculptural boulders; if every day and often you are ready to try a variety of national delicacies and choose incredible souvenirs and admirable handmade products - you should go here. You will be taken care of and your desires will be fulfilled.

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